Meet the faces behind CrystalRock.

In 2023, Rocio Verdin and Crystal Venegas, launched CrystalRock Alliance, a pioneering company dedicated to empowering Hispanic women entrepreneurs. Their mission goes beyond traditional entrepreneurship; it's about creating a legacy of success and generational wealth through education, collaboration, and strategic investments.

At the heart of this mission is CrystalRockMM, our educational academy, where we offer comprehensive programs that cover everything from personal and business financial development to sales skills and purpose-driven networking. Our commitment to education is evident in every initiative we undertake, investing thousands of dollars to bring the latest knowledge and ideas to the Hispanic community.

Additionally, through our social network, the HBO Network Group (Hispanic Business Owner Network), we welcome Hispanic business owners who wish to join and learn to collaborate. In this group, we encourage collaboration over competition, providing opportunities to build strong and strategic partnerships that drive mutual success.

We cannot talk about CrystalRock Alliance without mentioning our investment company, Mount Emerald Capital Partners. Here, we apply our principles of education and collaboration to help Hispanic entrepreneurs make solid and strategic financial decisions. Our focus on wealth generation through smart investments complements our vision of business empowerment.

Through CrystalRock Alliance, Rocio Verdin and Crystal Venegas are not just building a business; they're building a movement. A movement that empowers Hispanic women to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create a future of abundance for themselves and their families.

Our Vision

Our vision at CrystalRock Alliance is to empower over 100,000 women business owners to create the businesses of their dreams. We envision a future where these women are financially independent, with the freedom to enjoy their lives while running successful and sustainable businesses.

Through our mission of shattering barriers and guiding entrepreneurs towards confident ownership, we strive to provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and support for women to thrive in their entrepreneurial journeys. We believe in empowering these women to unlock their full potential, achieve financial independence, and have the time and resources to savor life's moments.

Our vision extends beyond individual success to creating a collective impact on communities and future generations. By empowering women entrepreneurs, we are not only transforming lives but also building a legacy of empowerment, resilience, and prosperity.

Office: Denver, Colorado

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